Hi,bwinky1119 here!

                                When i am blogging, I am going to ask a question at the end. Ok. I am going to talk about the Nookcolor. The Nookcolor has tons of books to read. It even comes with books to read. You can even download books on it. Here is the question. What do you think of the Nookcolor? Comment your answer online at

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3 thoughts on “nookcolor

  1. I think the nook color is AWESOME!!!!! If I had to choose between the nook color or the I pad i would choose the………… drum roll please!!! NOOK COLOR!!!!!!! By the way i love the name of your site. I have a question for YOU. Do you like pizza???? Please comment back.
    By the way this is jenni!!!

    P.S Did i mention please PLEASE PLEASE reply!!!!!!!

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