hi it’s bwinky1119 here!

          my friend asked me a question and here is the question! do you like pizza?she also said please PLEASE PLEASE reply. so i am right now. i  LOVE PIZZA!  but i only like cheese pizza. but that is just my can be is the question. what toppings do you like on pizza? comment on my answer and post YOUR answer online only at   well that is all i have to say for today.

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what about you ?

hi, bwinky1119 here!

                                 i am going to ask a question that is about YOU. if you could buy anything that you wanted, what would it be and why? my answer is an inground pool in my back yard with a soccer field too. i want that because my backyard is HUGE. everything could fit because my yard is 1 acre. post your answer or comment on my answer at

                                                            well, that is all i have to say for today.

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hi, bwinky1119 here!

                                   today i am going to talk about the worldwide computer game clubpenguin. lets talk about membership first. you have to pay $$$ for can upgrade your igloo,buy furniture and floors, and all the different colored puffles+ lets talk about chatting. whe it says choose your server when you log in, ones with smiley faces means there is a buddy on that server. if it has speech bubble that means you have to say certain words given to you. if it doesnt have a speech bubble, you can say whatever you you like clubpenguin? Comment on it at    well that is all i have to say. P.S,CHECK IT OUT!

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answer to comments

Hi ,bwinky1119 here!

                         One commenter asked me a question on my post yesterday which I will answer right now.(question) What do you think about the Ipad versus the nookcolor?(answer) I like both of them but if i had to choose 1 or the other, I would have to choose the Ipad. This is just my opinion though. You people can have different opinions. Comment on my answer at Well this is all i have to say right now.

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Hi,bwinky1119 here!

                                When i am blogging, I am going to ask a question at the end. Ok. I am going to talk about the Nookcolor. The Nookcolor has tons of books to read. It even comes with books to read. You can even download books on it. Here is the question. What do you think of the Nookcolor? Comment your answer online at

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